Credit/debit cards

Kvistija credit and debit card features:

  • Cards are issued and serviced free of charge;
  • Cards are safe, because it has a PIN code, which be only known to you;
  • Facilitating the company's accounting;
  • Limit of selected goods and petrols acquisition;
  • Every month we will send you a detailed report through registered mail and e-mail;
  • Always purchase good quality petrol for a reasonable price.

Clients, who have chosen credit card we also offer::

  • You do not need to carry cash;
  • Interest free loan of up to 15 days;
  • Discounts on your purchased petrol.

Benefits of selecting a debit (prepay) card:

  • Card account balance can be replenish via bank transfer;
  • Discounts on your purchased petrol.

Company account

    A/S LT19 7300 0100 7567 2033

Where and how to get it?

            If you want to obtain a credit or debit card please fill this form or contact us.: +370 620 74419. Provide a copy of the registration certificate to your nearest JSC "Kvistija" gas station, send it by fax: +370 443 25265 or e-mail. In three days you will get in touch with you to sign the papers.